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r cutting-edge technology adapts seamlessly to your unique needs, empowering you to harness the full potential of blockchain in your business operations. Discover how ULedger can revolutionize the way you work, providing unmatched flexibility every step of the way.


Data Integrity

Our blockchain technology guarantees unmatched data integrity. With tamper-proof records and secure data sharing, you can trust that your information remains accurate and unaltered. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable, verifiable data, driving transparency and trust across your operations.


Insurance companies possess vast amounts of personal and financial information of policyholders.


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Blockchain as a Service

Empower your organization with the reliability and transparency of blockchain. By safeguarding your information against alteration and ensuring verifiable data, BaaS drives innovation and builds trust. Embrace the future of secure, efficient data management and transform your industry with our Blockchain as a Service.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

We empower Supply Chain & Manufacturing industries with cutting-edge blockchain solutions, revolutionizing data management, sharing, and security. Our platform ushers in a new era of transparency, efficiency, and trust, driving growth and success in these sectors.

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Transforming Retail

We're dedicated to transforming the Retail sector with blockchain technology. By enhancing transparency, efficiency, and security, we redefine customer expectations, streamline operations, and drive growth.

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Elevating Healthcare

Our scalable blockchain solutions elevate the Healthcare sector. Ensuring data integrity, security, and transparency, we contribute to better patient care, improved research outcomes, and optimized supply chain management.

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Enhancing Education

We enhance the Education sector with secure, efficient blockchain solutions. Our technology provides tamper-proof records and instant verification of credentials, streamlining administrative processes, reducing fraud, and improving data security.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our blockchain solutions revolutionize Regulatory and Compliance. We offer immutable audit trails and secure data sharing. Streamlined processes ensure integrity and efficiency. Enhance your compliance strategy with our innovative technology.

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Professional Services

We transform Professional Services with blockchain innovation. Our tamper-proof records, immutability, and smart contracts enhance accuracy and efficiency, minimize errors, increase transparency, and optimize workflows.

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Public Sector

With blockchain's transparency and security, we facilitate secure identity verification, efficient data sharing, and tamper-proof records. Enhancing trust, collaboration, and service delivery, we drive innovation and efficiency in public institutions.

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Financial Services

Our solutions enhance transparency, reduce fraud, and streamline transactions in the financial sector. Ensuring secure data sharing, real-time reconciliation, and smart contract automation, we drive trust, efficiency, and innovation.

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Entertainment & Gaming

We transform Entertainment and Gaming with blockchain solutions. Our technology combats piracy, secures ownership, and enhances transactions, safeguarding content and ensuring fair transactions, boosting user trust.

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Environment, Social and Governance

We empower ESG initiatives with blockchain's transparency. Our Proof-of-Impact solutions ensure data accuracy, traceability, and accountability, supporting sustainability efforts, building stakeholder trust, and driving positive impact.

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Energy & Utilities

We revolutionize Energy and Utilities with blockchain capabilities. Our solutions optimize grid management, reduce costs, and enhance security. Enabling real-time settlements, secure data sharing, and fraud prevention, we drive efficiency and sustainability in the sector.

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Introducing ULedger Verify Suite

Data integrity technology platform enabling control, security, and data consistency for individuals, businesses, and enterprises.

Screenshot from Uledger Verify for Sender showcasing Email Detaisl, Verification Timeline and moreemail-verified icon from Uledger AppScreenshot of Verification timeline from Uledger AppScreenshot of email compromised from Uledger Appemail stamp screenshot from Uledger AppEmail Verification Summary screenshot from ULedger App

What is ULedger Verify Suite?

The ULedger Verify Suit is designed to ensure data integrity, security, compliance, and peace of mind for customers and their end-users. Verify for Email and Verify for Sender mark the initial releases of the ULedger Verify Suite. The upcoming products will include validation for logs, files, and media.

ULedger Verify™ for Email

ULedger Verify™ for Email records every email on our blockchain, ensuring a secure audit trail. Our email encryption ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and protected. With a straightforward setup process, you can seamlessly integrate it with Microsoft Outlook email, ensuring email security and authenticity of your communications.

ULedger Verify™ for Sender

ULedger Verify™ for Sender is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that eliminates the possibility of phishing by proactively verifying your identity in real-time when sending an email, guaranteeing proof of provenance.

Ready to experience enhanced email security?

Try ULedger Verify™ for Sender and Verify™ for Email today and protect your communications with ease.